Do you have traffic from Finland? Would you like to earn money by publishing campaigns to your social media, website or to other channels? Through us it is easy.

How to join as a Publisher?

Send an email to janne(at) with a subject line: “new publisher account” with your name, contact details, name of your advertising channels or sites, and information about the amount of visitors.

To whom and where the advertising is possible?

We are constantly looking for new quality publishers. Advertising is possible for all adults, who has Finnish traffic on his channels or lists. You can be just establishing your business or be already an advanced full-time marketer.

So, if you are an owner of website(s), blogger, social media influencer (FB/IG etc), email-marketer, you can advertise through us.

Depending on the campaign, following channels are accepted: Email-marketing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, blogs, websites, and applications.

How can I monetize my medias?

  1. Register to our campaign-platform (you will receive registration information from Janne)
  2. Select an advertising-link from your account, copy and publish it on your channel.
  3. Visitor or follower clicks the ad on your channel and registers to our campaign
  4. Earnings are visible directly on the platform

Why to choose’s campaigns?

  • Our campaigns and competitions are suitable for wide range of followers.
  • We are paying from results. More and better traffic you bring, more you’ll receive commissions (Revenue share).
  • We are developed our platform ourselves, and we are improving it constantly
  • We are eager to receive feedback, potential new campaigns or other suggestions of development.
  • Payment period for the commissions is 45 days.

More info

Not sure is this suitable for you? Or more info needed? Call or email Janne Kaikkonen: janne(at) or 040 505 4892